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  1. michiel1078
    #30 WTF
  2. random avatar
    LOLZ - Africa is such a stupid country
  3. Enter your name
    I hope it was a joke. Africa is a continent.
  4. Rivas
    Please, put a plastic bag (a strong one) and put your head in it before taping with duct tape all around your neck. Lot of fun, give it a try fucktard.
  5. Lithuania Sux
    Pretty harsh comment - the guy was just hoping it was a joke and mentioning that Africa is a continent. He doesn't deserve a plastic bag suffocation for that - give him a break!
  6. TheSewwetz
    Africa is a continent, stupid!
  7. Enter your name
    America is Stupid and fucking country, all country in the world will unite and kill the Americans! (stands for small penis)
  8. A REAL African
    Alot of these are definitely not in Africa, and the ones with the animals are were taken on a game reserve, not on a random street. And you cannot lump all of Africa together, it is made of several different countries who are not all like this. the difference between Nigeria and Sudan is like the difference between the U.S. and Haiti. there are plenty of developed countries in Africa, they dont look like this.
  9. Nezumi
    Not necessarily,I've seen my fair share of wild animals and I live in a pretty built up area.But yeah,you have a point,it is all pretty much dependent on where you live.The media tends to focus on the rural area's to help along the stereotype of the 3rd world.This pisses me off though,since it portrays an entire continent as helpless while it's actually more a case of a few people being to damn comfortable with living with hand outs and too damn lazy/greedy to use the available resources.
  10. Enter your name
    I agree, South Africa was and still is to some degree a pinnacle of development in Africa. It is almost hard to equate South Africa with the rest of Africa in terms of development and infrastructure except Zimbabwe before mugabe went mad.
  11. cool
    Americans don't even know where Africa is...
  12. Mr. Ree
    I am not sure, but I think there's more niggers in Africa than in the USA.
    Note to Africa, if you want some more, we have loads to spare.
  13. kazz_by
    нормальные вполне себе люди, чумазые, как президент США
  14. Mr. Ree
    Вы получили это право, приятель
  15. Belin
    Africa is wanderful !!!!!

    U.S.A. must die
  16. Enter your name
    Africa, best country of the world
  17. Fats-T
    wow, haters gonna hate eh?
  18. 404 Not Found
    hate canada for sure!
  19. Peanut
    If Africa is the best "country" in the world, then please stay there and quit leaching off the Western world, especially Canada.
  20. nginx
    I agree - Canada especially needs to quit leaching off the Western world. Canada should go back to Africa.
  21. orendadude
    Holy fuck, these comments are fucking hilarious!!!! you guys are cracking me up!! Africa is a wonderful place. It has more manical dictorial leaders and mass murderers than anywhere else on the planet. Where else can you see entire tribes trying to kill eachother off. Where else do they rape, mutilate and murder women and children on a daily basis for no apparant reason. I say stop the money to Africa and use it to bulid a wall around the continent to keep them all in and let HBO film the slaughter live. They don't appreciate anything they are given anyway! OH CANADA!!!!!

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