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  1. Fenrisulven
    Too early! I want to know how they are doing in 10, 15, 20 years.
  2. j b
    Fenrisulven - you'll just have to sit down an wait... :-)

    I guess you noticed that one picture is dated 2007, so you may see the first evaluations in less than ten years. You make it sound as if you are really eager to see all or most these kids FAIL (why else would you reject the current "success story" and proclaim that you are waiting for something different?): "There you see, it wasn't such a grand success after all!". Obviously, adoptive children may run into problems, just like any other kids. Their background may even be the source of some problems other kids do not have. Yet, being adopted by loving and caring parents is likely to reduce their problems significantly, compared to the alternatives.

    The names of the kids suggest that these pictures may be from Eastern Europe. My impression is that parents in that part of the world, on the average, actively want to have kids, to take care of them, play with them, involve them in all aspects of their daily life far more than the typical Western parent. I would not at all be worried about how these kids fare in 10, 15, 20 years. Actually, I am far more worried about the (not adopted) kids I see around me in our part of the world...
  3. FYI
    For some reason, I find this post disturbing.
  4. vitaz
    for some reason i find you disturbing
  5. yet another anon
    @ j b:Wonderful post. Best of luck to all involved, both the parents and the kids.
  6. leroy
    russian orphans... why bother? just send them straight into prostitution.
  7. Enter your name
    Only white kids?
  8. Enter your name
    This photos are from Russia, so yes, only caucasian kids, because there aren't many black people in this country.
  9. Neko
    You've never heard of Black Russians?

  10. Artie
    You really are an idiot, aren't you?
  11. Tarzan
    faith in humanity is back... i love this planet
  12. Neko
    People who take in orphans are saints!

    Love #16 :)
  13. Enter your name
    i wish your mother swallowed you
  14. Neko
    I know you don't really mean that :)
  15. Florentina
    I'm happy for them. They look so happy with their new families.
  16. Enter your name
    just two words "use condom" or "Используйте презерватив"
  17. orendadude
    It is refreshing to see the innocence of youth. They look happy and content, unburdened by the crap of adult life. How can you not wish success for these children?

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