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  1. tobi
    honestly, know man likes that muscle bodies.
  2. Sambone
    Speak for yourself, amigo - I LOVE that body style. Yeowza!

    It's when they start using roids and have to shave that is a turnoff.
  3. Tomorrow
    ladies! yes, you can!!
  4. mm
    Now she needs just a little bit more fat and she would be purrrfect. Amazing change nonetheless :)
  5. cubensis
    Speak for yourself Tobi that is absolutely hot. I love muscular women, she has the perfect amount of muscle.
  6. orendadude
    Good for her but too phony and commercial for me. Went from a woam to a bitch!
  7. bleh
    Yeah, did you talk to her, you moron?
  8. Troll
    Failed, lost her boobs... must be gay if you like muscles and no boobs.
  9. Mr. Ree
    Oh yeah? Well I like muscles and no boobs, but I'm not gay.

    ...oops, yes I am!!! tee hee hee

    I am soooo fabulous, I piss glitter!
  10. bleh
    So the presence of a vagina is moot in your opinion?
  11. gigantes
    she started out attractive and looking like a real person. that's all i'm going to say.
  12. jubyp0b
    @ gigantes

    This comment is not meant as ass-kissing. But I have to say, I've noticed that unlike most people on Izi that comment a lot, you actually get to the point and I must say, I agree with you most times. Great to see a non-spam / non-crap-commenting person on Izi.

  13. Athena
    She looks great, very impressive. And she does have boobs! Does every woman need giant knockers for you guys for feck sake. Most thinner girls have smaller boobs.
  14. Tarzan
    very good
  15. Mr. Ree
    What would you call the Flintstones if they were black?

  16. 404 Not Found
    Poor Mr. Ree is getting angry - boo hoo ;)
  17. randomrandomness
    ugly before, ugly after. Different kind of "ugly"
  18. tr
    Fantastic! Hard work
  19. Natural is Best
    She looks nice in the before picture. Can we see what her legs looked like then please?
  20. OffensiveMan
    Q: How does a nigger keep the flies off her food?
    A: Opens her legs
  21. Mr. Ree
    Q: How does Mr. Ree keep cocks out of his bunghole?
    A: I don't!
  22. Domestic
    chicks with muscles = like touching a dude. If your a dude and you like this you may have been playing for the wrong team all this time bro..
  23. bleh
    Seriously, do vaginas mean nothing to you people?
  24. SuperTard
    gingers have no soul ... her body is hot, though.
  26. pro
    If she did that in a year (without dosing up) I will eat my shoes
  27. Chubby
    ... and a whole bunch of hair extensions too.
  28. isitchicken
    I would find it intimidating dating a chick who could kick my ass.
  29. Crazyforcunt
    She looks just right for a tea bag! I wonder if she gives her rug easily or she is a bitch and she is way ti perfect now for good boys who want to get her wet inside.
  30. phish
  31. McFeely Smackup
    If you don't dig the new body - you're either a jellus wannabe snob who gets yer kicks by degrading others, or you have a bad case of the ghey. Hot chick is sssssssmokin'!..
  32. Dexstarring
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    look the elites of the devil race KNOW, that the DEVIL AND SATAN IS RED, they HATE!!! africans but they have a pyramide on the dollar bill, they dont hate the africans, they hate the so called negroe, which is the nation of jacob, anyway, they WORSHIP ancient egypt, which are black people, (pharao's) which had the lords people in slavery, the lords people are the slave descendents, EVERYBODY hates they but copy's them, nobody copys and african... only a slave descendant they copy, HONKEY CAVE APES need to go back to the caves, where they come from, SAVAGE BEASTS, faggotsapiens, they are the ONLY race on PLANET earth, to allow, homo leso marrige and they also allow beast marrige, they love fucking animals,

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  33. BurchJesus29
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  34. IamSam
    B/C cup to an A cup,....fail. The original version was much more "real", and that's what would interest me. Alas I'm married, and I just lost 10lbs so I'm down to a B cup myself. Not too bad for a 42 year old dude!

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