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  1. phish
    # 1 has to be on top of my Ice Cream bowl!!
  2. Jersey Petey
    Zepex: Yeah, what's with these guys? That fat guy in the bikini, all the kooks on the subway, Japanese guys dressed as WTF? I can't believe they're not making fun of everyone else. And who are all these new commentators here on E-Z? Nice to see people talking to each other and especially answering each others questions civilly. Nice. I like it.
  3. DarkWolf
    #44 - awww.. Pictures of pedo bear as a baby. How cute!
  4. Mr. Ree
    #3 - beach hooker. Expensive and money well spend. Too expensive for you? #20 is cheaper but you get what you pay for...

    The perfect way to troll people on the internet is to post messages that refer to people as niggers, faggots, chinks or other politically incorrect terms.
    Gullible assholes that are niggers, faggots, chinks or other sub-human scum will get upset and start posting messages on the same message boards using your name and defaming you.
    It's great fun knowing that just by using a few select words, you can really ruin stupid people's lives.

    With that being said, one of those gullible nigger faggots (or faggot niggers) will soon post some shit using the name Mr. Ree.
    Watch, it'll happen.
  5. Sigh
    #18: that guy loves fag tagging a bit too much.
  6. ptpie
    funny shit
  7. Phil
    #18 = the truth about all man-on-man wrestlers...
  8. Torquemada
    I don't understand the point of #2 - a cutout bat-fairy with a hand soap nozzle up her bum... WTF?
  9. deepuniverse
    #18 Success gives power

    #39 Call Vatican, thats evil sorcery!

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