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  1. rikki_doxx
    #13 - Smart Car's are not so smart. First they take Super Premium gas, can't go much over sixty (so stay off the freeway). they're loud inside can't accelerate and are basically crap cars.
  2. jubyp0b
    @ rikki_doxx

    Except they weren't made for the Americans. Stop bitching about them, they're perfect for Europe. By the way, you do know there's a world outside the mighty US of A, right?
  3. orendadude
    Guess we know who owns a smart car eh?
  4. jubyp0b
    @ orendadude Yup. That's exactly the reason I stated that. It has nothing to do with the user above being an ass and prejudicial in regard to other countries.

    Really, butt-off.
  5. orendadude
    Pretty intense reaction man. Rikki doxx just doesn't like the smart car. Don't see the predjudice part or why someone is an ass for not liking something. Maybe you are right and they were made for Europe...that's cool, then don't sell them in other markets. "Butt off?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...WTF is that supposed to mean?...HAHAHAHAHAHA. Thanks for the chuckles!
  6. jubyp0b
    @ orendadude

    Intense reaction towards two people with extremely narrow views. I'm not just referring to this post. Moving on. You do know what the expression butt off means, right? I was just trying to act with..tact.

    Other than that, they are pretty much smart cars, due to their compact size, low fuel cost. The user above did say they are crap cars and brought arguments that were mainly advantages.

    No problem for the chuckles. You must be some kind of optimist.
  7. Mr Ree
    ohhh butt off.. sweeeeeeettttttt....
  8. orendadude
    I'm with you Rikki doxx. Smart cars are the stupidest thing on the road today
  9. NemmyK
    #2 .... You bitch.

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