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  1. j b
    #18 is perfectly reasonable when the outdoor temperature has been minus 20 Celcius for two weeks, and the oil in your car is thick as grease. Then it sure is great to plug in that 500W electrical heater for an hour before you try to crank that engine up.

    In Nordic countries (and I suppose parts of Canada and Alaska as well) 99% of all cars are sold with electrical engine heaters. Surely, most car have a special socket (usually) mounted in the bumper, but seeing ordinary AC plugs on a cable, like in the photo, is not that uncommon - usually on old cars were the electical heater has been added later.
  2. Vortek
    I drive a 2007 Ford diesel van and i live in Chicago. I must plug my van heater in or it will not start when it is below 32 degrees . There is always a story behind each picture.
  3. Syriusz
    Most of 3D movies can be watch withoud glasses cose there are 2-3 scenes in 3D
  4. Jersey Petey
    Okay, I'm feeling stupid again. What's with #38 ? And isn't that the way you're supposed to do the teabags-on-your-eyes thing?

    Mr. Ree and Orendadude: I found out what it's called. What you're doing is called, "Grenade Trolling." I'll bet you thought you made it up! Kisses!
  5. DarkWolf
    Is that a Pepsi logo upper right? And are there flags with swastikas on it this day and age?
  6. pop
    Pepsi logo?
  7. Fenrisulven
    Pepsi logo, ha ha ha!! I think you mean South Korea ;) The swastika is the main point there.
  8. Basile
    @Jersey you have to look under the European Union flag
  9. rikki_doxx
    #18 That plug is for an oil pan heater. Car must be either in Alaska or northern US states.
  10. Peanut
    You're right about the tea bags, Jersey P. It takes any swelling down and makes the eye sparkle.

    I wish you would leave comments more often. You're one of the smart ones.
  11. eatmyshit
    suck a dick peanut
  12. Richey4Real
    #8 Is an old and well known shop.
  13. ptpie
    great new ones

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