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  1. fail lord
    Retards are retarded
  2. fail lord
    And most of them look like meth addicts
  3. pahh
    they draw like 4 year olds. id use more robots
  4. Mr. Ree
    You are insulting 4 year olds...
  5. ptpie                    show commment
  6. virginia tech
    What troubles me is that people all over the world describe the same thing. They cant ALL be on meth. I think we should be glad its aliens and not gayliens, cause they would all be rapin our assez
  7. Figure
    @ virginia tech

    interesting question, simple answer

    before there was anything like "aliens" people described being visited by angels and demons.
    by the time the first alien stories/movies/books appeared people started being "abducted" the shape of the alien that we see in all these pictures didn't exist yet, they were more robotic and some were big hairy things, the UFO itself was changing in the same fashion, from long objects to the disc they see today.
    it is still changing as more people claim to see a triangular shaped UFO.
    so this explains why the reports are all somewhat the same.
    and also explains why its pretty much bullshit.
  8. Fenrisulven
    Those space aliens must be very smart. They only show them selves for peoples with shitty cameras and really poor drawing skills... Really clever!

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