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  1. LookinSofine
    algumas pessoas nem fzraiem ple1stica, somente mudaram o cabelo, o visual, maquiagem, etc... tem fotos que ne3o precisavam estar ali... fora que alguns mudaram sf3 o corpo, ente3o foto de rosto ne3o valeMJ
  2. Germana
    Ha! A few months ago, I uocevnred a big bunch of plastic bags from a local supermarket that has been out of business at least 20 years. The Mama is one of the original reusers.
  3. Djordje
    check out Harry's crazy ass life Shame Shame Harry is that a Canon in your hand! Come to the dark side (Nikon) and put those toys away. Love your photogs, great work. We sahred a little black and white fun at Steve's wedding (Sept 98) you always have had that eye for the light. Take care.David G. (Mississippi)

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