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  1. sparkler
    ya she's obnoxious but still has some epic tits and ass
  2. Hmmm
    She has a disgusting fat ass. Give her a couple of years, all that fat will start dropping and she'll have massive thighs, stretch marks, and more cellulite than the entire cast of The Real Housewives of EVERY state...

    She's a fucking shrill cow. And I wouldn't put my dick anywhere near that, lest I like having it turn green, pustuled, and fall off.
  3. Mr. Ree
    Like Paris Hilton, Kim proves that you don't need any talent to become a 'celebrity' - you just have to have the money to be able to keep putting yourself in front of cameras until the media does it for you willingly.
  4. Oksana
    She didn't become famous on her own, right? If people didn't care, she would still be one Armenian girl desperately posting her photos in facebook and getting likes from no one but her sisters. But her butt who is actually more popular than the rest of her is way too big for such short legs. Doesn't look good all together, though nice change from flat anorexic neighborhood chewing on salad leaves
  5. truthteller
    Being American, I just don't see what her being Armenian has to do with this.
  6. jichaelmacksn
    put that cat down, bitch!!

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