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  1. Johny
    WTF and WAW - What A Waste
  2. DERP
    Who DaFuq taught this person how to open a box??? way to ruin a good box Jethro!! next time, put down rock & use something sharp ~ like a spoon!!
  3. AnnaMolly
    Say NO to amazon
  4. rikki_doxx
    Okay, okay. After the first five or ten examples we get it.

    This is the reason that AMAZON charges $8 to package a $4 item.
  5. j b
    In my youth, I had summer jobs at the Post Office, learning how parcels are handled. The general public grossly underestimates the strain a parcel must be able to withstand during transportation. (As illlustrated by #35-#40!)

    Another aspect: Standardizing on a few box sizes allow the boxes to be packed densely during transportation. It is better to have the air inside each box (enclosed in some sort of bubble wrapper) than between the boxes, which would otherwise be the case.

    Of course there are limits to what is reasonable packing, and sometimes that limit is exceeded. But weigt is a much more important cost factor than volume; volume is CHEAP. If you can buy extra protection and ease of handling by rounding up the volume to a few standard sizes, it will often pay back many times the cost of the "wasted" volume.
  6. Boston
    Ok get the fark out of the house and go buy something at a real store... wtf...

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