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  1. AnnaMolly
    This looks sooooooo healthy! I think I might try so I can wear my fridge everyday!
  2. Bookmark
    1 word: Retard.
  3. Rush
    indie as fuck
  4. Mr. See
    Did you even read it? Those are magnets.. his wrist will look like #2 where he doesn't have his ipod.....
  5. Mr. Ree
    I would like to see what his wrist will look like when some black dude in a crowd, rips that ipod off his arm and takes off running.
  6. NM
    @Mr. Ree
    I take it you're unfamiliar with how magnets work.

    Anyway, I love how Apple fans do this sort of stuff, and then call me stupid for using a PC.
  7. Mr. Ree
    I am very familiar with how magnets work. I have to assume they are embedded in his skin and not all the way into the bone. If they are rare earth magnets, and they look to be, they have a strong pull. With a very sudden yank rather than a carefully applied pull, I would think the magnets would rip out of his flash rather than disengage from the ipod.
  8. NM
    I would assume he thought of that during implantation and decided against super-strong magnets to begin with, but then again he did put magnets in his arm to hold an iPod so I suppose common sense is out the window and your point stands...
  9. jaseuk
    The point is we all agree the guy is a douche
  10. jakerawk
    I think this is awesome.
  11. orendadude
    What a dickhead!

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