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  1. beer
    I only see 4 pictures of beer in this post. American and Mexican piss is NOT beer.
  2. Dreth
    Oh mighty god of brewery, please enlighten us and deliver personally to us all what you consider as beer, make it at easily accessible as the brands you call American/Mexican urine and we can all get along in alcoholic madness!

    Or you could shut the fuck up about it and keep drinking your hipster beer (we're too mainstream).
  3. Unusual
    Without shitty beer, you would have no scale to judge good beer off of.
  4. phish
    you one of those beer snobs,.....ain't ya?
  5. Rivas
    Some say they also piss just like us... to be verified.
  6. kool
    Beer is delicious, you dont need a woman to enjoy it, btw i've tasted many from many countries but homemade are still the best.
  7. kahuna2232
    Wait a minute! Selena Gomez is drinking "ButterBeer" a softdrink with sweet cream added you get from the Harry Potter attractions at Universal Studios, Florida.
    no such thing as a bad beer
  9. mm
    I don't like beer that much. Funny thing about beer is that it increases enzyme aromatase in liver that converts testosterone to estrogen and causes famous "beer belly" and grows breasts. So the more you drink beer, the more woman -like you will become. Also, it decreases erection power for men and makes orgasms more difficult for women. Only men with very high testosterone level can benefit from drinking beer since too high testosterone causes man to last not-so-long in bed. Maybe women with moustaches should drink beer too...

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