You Will Feel Old After You See This (55 pics)

If you grew up in the ‘80s or ‘90s then you are about to feel very old seeing the following classic images.


This is what Ferguson from "Clarissa Explains It All" looks like today

She's 30

And married

You will never be able to eat this again. It hasn't been sold in over 6 years.

You will never be able to drink these again. The following 3 drinks haven't been sold in over 11 years.

Pluto hasn't been a planet for over 5 years

20 years ago

And here's what they look like reunited in 2011

This picture of Chevy Chase was taken 31 YEARS AGO

The Backstreet Boys are 19-years-old

Does anyone know what a floppy disc is anymore?

30 years later, you can carry all of this in your pocket

Mara Wilson then & now:

Jonathan Lipnicki then & now:

Now they talk on Twitter

These were the top 10 shows 15 years ago

And this was Nickelodeon's daily schedule then

A new episode hasn't aired in 8 years

Was #1 13 years ago

These were TV's hottest teens 21 years ago

The numbers on their heads are their actual ages today

The kid from the Nevermind album cover today

There hasn't been a new issue in over 8 years

The 74-year-old magazine went under in 2004. Remember Josh Hartnett?

If the Simpsons actually aged, Maggie would be 24

Bart would be 33

Lindsay Lohan 10 years ago

Miley Cyrus 10 years ago

The cast of Harry Potter at their first movie premiere 10 years ago

The Harry Potter cast at their last movie premiere

This is what Atreyu looked like 5 years ago

He probably looks older now, this picture was taken from his MySpace page

7 years ago

The little girl from The Cosby Show's age

What Nick Carter looks like today

Ryan Gosling was on "Are You Afraid Of The Dark" 16 years ago

A new episode of "Are You Afraid Of The Dark" hasn't come out in 12 years

Went on "hiatus" 10 years ago

Joey Fatone's beard is almost completely grey

15 years ago

This is what Facebook looked like 5 years ago

Heath Ledger has been dead for almost 5 years

The cast of Dawson's Creek ages today

14 years ago

16 years old

Oprah quit dieting 21 years ago

The "Problem Child" kid looks like this today

She doesn't age.


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  1. Haven
    #8 They still sell Pepsi Twist in Germany
  2. sharo
    and in Bulgaria too
  3. eueueuuu
    romania too
  4. Book
    #30 And Diana has been dead for over 15 years.
  5. Cancamuso
    no kiddin'!
  6. Hello
    #55 - also, she wears the same dress. For a few reasons this is awesome.
  7. Emailed
    Feels bad man
  8. Rush
    #12- i was born in 1995 and im not graduating high school till 2014(without being held back or anything)
  9. Tremayne7
    I am to but I graduated
  10. 1997 for me i skipped 6th only to end up in the same grade as my brother who is 2 years older and got held back in 4th we are both to graduate in 2014
  11. leonell.malabanan
    i was born 1995 and im already at my 3rd year in college.
  12. Yeah so...
    Yeah so the "teens" on the original 90210 weren't teens when the show aired.
  13. Balu
    In Germany we still have something like Squeeze It. At least I've seen those bottles somewhere :-)
  14. They still sell pepsi twist in portugal too. They stoped for some time but thei're selling again...thank god
  15. vid.el.714

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