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  1. meukr
    is that a serious question? the answer is pretty obvious to me....
  2. imright
    the same kind of chicks that cry. "why dont guys respect me"
  3. Wrong
    you get girls like this everywhere, how little do you go out into that big bad world izismile
  4. Wonderful
    pedo post
  5. Hmmm
    has Izi ever been on the internet? This is a new craze. Girls across the world are doing this. LOL
  6. orendadude
  7. bainpr
    i wish i went to school in russia
  8. gh
    now show us what u can see in US... lol
  9. GirlNextDoor
    A lot of teenage girls think this is cool and want to push the boundaries. It's not just in Russia and not new. Hopefully one day they will understand that you can be sexy with out looking slutty!
  10. MOTRHEAD11
    They are very pretty and sexy, but yes, they are in the slutty zone.
    Anyway always it´s very nice to see sexy and pretty girls everywhere. And always ther´s going to be disrespectful guys, no matter how much skin girls show.
  11. Pretty
    Now do US school girls! WAIT DON'T I DON'T NOT WANT TO SEE ALL THE FAT.
  12. Stay away from a mirror then.
  13. Amber Crombie
    At least they wear pantyhose to have some barrier against pervs. Most US women think a six-inch skirt with a thong and flip-flops are considered formal attire, even if you're too old and too fat to wear it.
  14. Peanut
    These girls aren't any 'sluttier' than North American girls.

    Amber Crombie, you're right. If no one agrees, take a gander at 'People of Walmart'. Great tubs with their boobs hanging down to their knees, no underwear, skanky old bags in the worst get-ups imaginable, etc. Gawd Almighty! Don't women have any self-respect? They make these Russians look like convent students.
  15. Ina
    Some are, some are not.
    All are just very young. Have a little patience with them :)
  16. Sigh
    And all they want is a rich, ambitious man they can take advantage of
  17. GYM
    I don wanna hurt anybody but this pictures made motivation 4 every girl who wanna be more beatiful
  18. 1
    Россия ВПЕРДЕ
  19. FK12341
    The entire West has whorified teenies like this. It's a result of communist pollution in the liberal arts departments of universities, the sick Jew poison of scum like Freud and Gloria Steinem, the systematic ideological deconstruction of the Western white world. The second world war was the last attempt to stop this filth and end communism once and for all, but that failed, and we're supposed to be proud that we fought on the wrong fucking side.

    All this feminist filth and "equality" bullshit is there to destory the traditional white family unit, around which Western civilization is based. With no religion, community, or anything to hold on to, you get lost little girls like this, who attempt to find meaning by chasing cock, since that's what the Jew media has told them is best. Meanwhile, the idiot parents, brainwashed and lost dolts themselves, slave away to make a living, since the income tax now makes it impractical for the masses to support a household on a single income.

    Look at that piece of shit slut at #18. Daddy must be fucking proud. She'll make many hard cocks empty in life as she trods along the path to being a used up three-hole fleshsack.

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