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  1. eco26
    #3 Does her mother take sulpiride everyday? In healthy status, the mass secretion of prolactin never lasts for 13 years.
    Drug induce? or pituitary adenoma?
  2. Compilation
    #36 is nice - but why? Just grab a boat. Zombies can´t swim or drive a boat.
  3. chutullu
    zombies can walk under water
  4. karat
    is probably Tomasz Majewski
  5. Sigh
    #41: Only an idiot thinks girls are forced to play with dolls, creating this cruel injustice for future jobs. Girls WANT to play with dolls. They can play with whatever toys they want.
  6. Treasure
    #22 is a page from the Codex Seraphinianus published in 1981 by Luigi Serafini which is an untranslated fictional encyclopedia depicting the strange flora, fauna, culture, and tools of the author's unique world.
  7. Chika
    Vicki M. - Seriously, how cute is she. I love her big brown eyes, I can't believe how fast she's grniwog though. Where does the time go? Vicki M.
  8. Salehudin
    Looks to me like you got it to work. I think you are a little more copmtuer savy than I am. I don't know if you were reading my blog, but I got mine all jacked up when I tried to make it work with my domain name. It was big fun that I hope to never have to repeat.

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