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  1. Vortek
    I want to see!

    #1 I want to see what this chick did to her breasts to make such a reaction on the other chicks!
  2. cubensis
    She cut them off with a buzzsaw.
  3. Gorgeous
    foto 82 ....skynet ... terminator is inevitably comes
  4. j b
    #53 are the children of Norway's Crown Prince (so, the girl is a future queen of Norway), greeting the 3.000+ kindergarten kids gathered outside the King's palace to celebrate the King and Queen's 75 year anniversary (the King and Queen are born on the same day, May 31st 1937).

    There is a long tradition on our National Day, May 17th, every year the King and his children and granchildren appear at the balcony of the palace to greet thousands of kids from the Children's National Day parade, every year - but also at other occasions like 75 year anniversaries. The Royal children usually are present (regardless of age). This is certainly not the first time we have seen that even Royal kids are kids... they are humans. :-)

    The princess, Ingrid Alexandra, is eight years old, while the prince is six.
  5. Martial
    Actually thats not true. The Kings birthday is 21st of february and the Queen's birthday is 4th of july. They are however born the same year (1937). The official celebration of their 75'th birthdays was on may 31st
  6. Jelyyfish

    Kid, we were pulling that one in the '50s.

    Not only that, but people weren't too hip to laugh.
  7. Limited
    weight li-f-ing....?
  8. Barely
    #1 has a bikini on, you can see the tie on her neck.
  9. Mr Lee
    #90 seems legit
  10. Peanut
    #39...poor geese. Hope that jerk falls off a cliff.

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