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  1. Funny
    Big big Super big Family
  2. Mrs.JJT
    I dislike this. There are more than enough unwanted litters and dogs out in the world already... why add to it? Spay/neuter your animals!! (I am entitled to my opinion, thankyouverymuch... a girl on Pinterest blocked me because she commented that this is the cutest thing EVAR and I disagreed with her, God forbid. It was funny, though; all her little friends came rushing to her aid and agreed that they thought the pic was the cutest thing EVAR too!)
  3. renge_fortin
    there are more than enough unwanted people out there too. perhaps we should spay you. :)
  4. megan.lucy1
    Get a life debbie downer. It's funny you're bragging about getting blocked. You must have a lot of time on your hands or you don't get enough attention in your personal life. With an attitude like yours it wouldn't surprise me.

    This is a very cute pic

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