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  1. Mr. Ree
    I doubt this is true but I do notice a lack of black inmates. If those were there, it would have to be turned into a USA type prison in order to keep the animals under control.
  2. Rivas
    you doubt ? just another proof that you are just a moron with absolutly no culture or education.
  3. Thimb
    I live in Norway and true,
  4. Susan
    In Norway we focus more on rehabilitation rather than punishment, and guess what: it works!
  5. GrrM92
    Rehabilitation for what kind of crimes?
  6. Khysiek
    Yup, it really works, now you need more Brejviks
  7. izmo666
    rehabilitation is the word. If u have ever served any time, u will know that it doesn't matter if u have a flatscreen or any "luxury". U are still locked in and can't do most of the things anyone else does. Does anyone really think that dark and creepy dungeons that have nothing else to do, but plan for your next move really turn criminals right?
  8. wall
    @Mr. Ree

    Believe it. Here it is on the map:

  9. Harmless
    If this life in prison, imagine life outside prison..
  10. poop
    Breverick, you lucky bastards!
  11. norwegian
    Im from norway and this is true. The bigger the crime is, the better suite you get.
    Actually, i would rather go to prison than to a hospital here..
  12. Beer
    Ridiculous, prison should be the kind of place you never want to be. The fact that it's such an awful place is a deterrent to criminal activity in and of it's self.
  13. gigantes
    funny how so many people in the states feel so strongly about that despite the fact that the USA prison and disciplinary system is an utter failure in almost every way.

    i mean, what do you call a POV which feels more reinforced in its beliefs the more wrong that it's proven to be?
  14. Fishermen
    @ beer,
    How's that working out for you in the USA?
  15. a
    what the recitivism rate in norway, then?
  16. Angry Norwegian
    Depends on what crime you consider. In general it is about 50%, but that is because of the "power distribution" criminals. A small group who are responsible for a huge amount of criminal activity and are usually frugged out fo their minds. For things like robbery, possession of significant amounts of drugs, grand theft, about 10%, for murder, rape, child abouse and white-collar stuff: near 0.
  17. Nice prison
    Yes, the prison is for real. It may look like a vacation, but the real job is repairing the mental damage.
  18. Pukli
    Then lets hope that Breivik gets in one of these to repair his mental damage etc.

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