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  1. Yer Mom
    After an extended pregnancy to full term, of COURSE she'll be blown up like a balloon! Give her a trainer, a weight-loss endorsement deal, and about 6-8 weeks. Then re-post and see what she looks like after all that.
  2. Tomorrow
    she looks better now fat tits and fat pussy .id hit it
  3. Dreth
    She looked unhealthy before, while I hate pregnant women, I approve the fact she actually has some skin on her bones now.
  4. Christmas
    Sorry Dreth: Fat is not healthy and thin is not unhealthy.

    Its a sad day when people are so used to seeing fat people that they think thin is unhealthy.

    Death from being fat is now killing more people than smoking. Yet we still make excuses for fat people, while demonizing smokers. Interesting.
  5. DarkWolf
    I've got to agree. She was hardly so skinny that I'd consider calling her unhealthy before. She had a really good tone and BMI, in my opinion.

    Far as her getting an endorsement, she already had one from Weight Watchers that was signed three or four months ago.
  6. Dreth
    Her rib bones were showing! Oh yeah, that's healthy alright. When you've no body fat and your "curves" are composed from your own bones.

    Fat ain't healthy, but it sure as hell beats being an anorexic bag of crap. BTW, given the proper history behind her "after" pictures, it's completely acceptable. Babies lead to depression, depression makes you eat. I'd eat a cow and two llamas if I ever make the mistake of bringing a child into this world.
  7. gigantes
    rib bones can show a bit on a woman and that certainly doesn't mean they're underweight or anorexic. stop exaggerating.
  8. DarkWolf
    It's like a dog.. If the ribs show a bit, they're a healthy weight.. If the spine or hips show, feed them. :p ;)
  9. Dreth
    Ahem, oh Christmaaaas ♫


    Read it and weep.
  10. 4july
    well ... she looks more american now .
  11. Mr. Ree
    Either way, I'd have no problem letting her suck my cock.
  12. X3ll
    Now she loses some Weight und earnes milliones to tell everyone, it worked with weight watchers
  13. isitchicken
    Never use the word "thin" to describe a healthy body. Slim, trim, lean etc are ok. No one should be thin as general rule (naturally thin people need not reply). I'd still anally fist her tho.
  14. izzimyfizzi
    Wow....give the woman a fkn break! She just had a kid. I'd LOVE to see you fuckers get back to pre- pregnancy weight in a nano second like you're all implying. And of course, I notice you're all men.

    I guess when she does lose it, you'll all be complaining she's too skinny. No pleasing men. Fuckers.
  15. Wiliam
    One Kid? She had a least 35 Kids.
  16. SuckaMC
    She just looks fertile to me... I like to allow my instinct attract me to women... not what the current socially accepted body type is...
  17. oddbal
    I think i saw utters.
  18. Xigit
    She looks better now with a little more flesh on her bones. I hate to see ribs showing.

    And the retarded comment by DarkWolf: wtf dude, you can't compare them on fysical showing weight.
    But you know what they say: bones are for dogs, meat is for men.

    Go fetch boy :)
  19. Oksana
    I am sure she'll get back to normal. Pregnancy is one thing, I guess when a woman diets and then becomes pregnant, she can hardly resist the chance to eat all she wants since she is getting bigger anyway. She'll get back to normal in a few months and write a book on how to lose weight gained during pregnancy. :)

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