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No One Should Have to See This (33 pics)

Posted by Xaniel in Funny » Humor   12 Jul 2012   / 13525 views

It is probably best to avoid these things if you want to live a happy and sane life.


A wall full of Nicolas Cage's face when you wake up

A microwave asking for a blood sacrifice

A close-up picture of that guy from LMFAO

A juggalo taking a picture with a poptart

A menacing cow in your rearview mirror

A gorilla that wants to fight you

A wet, angry koala

This playlist at a party

Anything, if you're this kid

Or this guy

What really happened to your lost Halloween candy

Your favorite food in a relationship

The guy from Nickelback without a shirt on

Anyone named "hambubger"

A "dick attack"

Your child being devoured by a couch

Relationships being torn apart by a "booty pillow"

Yourself on Google Maps

A pigeon contemplating cannibalism

Zach Galafiniakis without his beard

Or Nick Offerman without his mustache

This process in action

Anyone liking this page

Or this page

And this one too

A selfish gorilla

A serial butt-stabber

Bad fan art of yourself

The old man that Andy Murray keeps in his tennis bag

This status on Facebook

Or this status

And this

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Comments (2):

Veen 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
"A juggalo taking a picture with a poptart"

*of a retard
Alive 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Wtf did i just see