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Impressive and Creative Workspaces (32 pics)

Posted in Arts » Design   17 Jul 2012   / 9426 views

If you consider your office desk too boring and think of a way to improve it, then one of these awesome design ideas may come in handy.


The Future Is Now

The Pristine Palace

Mr. Universe

Short On Space

The Power Play

An Artist Poet's Dark Retreat

The Toy Collection

Intense Focus

The Black Backdrop

The Compact Techsplosion

Stacks Of Books

The Kid Friendly

Cheery Sewing Station

The "Woman Who Has It All"

The Fold-Up Desk

An Illustrator's Rainbow

Book Lover

An Open Window

I'm OK!

A Limited Palette

The Geektastic

Lego Workspace

Simplicity At Its Prettiest

A Whimsical Space For Illustration

The Bedroom

The Print Lover

Creature Creator

The Cubicle

The Thoughtful Crafter

The Man-Cave

The Biggest Desk You Can Find

Just Go With It

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