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  1. kool
    hahahahaha great, its a great series but it just that a tv serie if we start to think about all the inconsistencies in every tv show we'll never end.
  2. Female
    Based memes off of tv show i don't understand

    Never read the books

    If you read the books those dumb pictures will make a lot of sense

    1. thinks he's keeping blood line pure
    2. is a boy, all boys lie to their mom
    3. is a bastard and not entitled to anything from family + step-mom hates him
    4. Thinks if he acts like a king he'll be one
    5. is a drunk and if he doesn't die there's no drama
    6. is irony duh
    7. is a woman duh
    8. thinks shes keeping her blood line pure
    Read the books, and be unbaffled by medieval logic

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