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  1. tetram
    Feminists just say woman can do the same...
  2. H8red
    No, feminists believe that women don't need a man and marriage is only to share in everyday duties. There's no debate about having equal talents or opportunities, it's a debate on the priorities for women in life.
  3. Second
    This is stupid bullshit, no comment could ever mention all the things that suck about that shitty comic.
  4. Human being
    Oh really? Have you noticed that in the text above there are no mentioning if all those soldiers and engineers are male or female? Now, what "professional" feminists did that anyone could call "productive"?
  5. naninator
    actually h8red feminist believe that we should have equal rights. I dont' know what your talking about; about the marriage thing. That seems to be more religious then anything. I myself is never going to get married cause i am not religious at all.
  6. gigantes
    this is pretty much just bigotry disguised as a meme or whatever. doesn't deserve the time of day.
  7. Mr. Ree
    These bitches need to shut the fuck up, suck my dick and make me a sandwich!
  8. enter
    Feminism is an epic fail, when single girls turn 35 the only chance they have to get a man is to pay a male hooker.
  9. whoops
    Glad I'm gay and don't have to worry about that stuff
  10. eeyore
    It never ceases to amaze me the fact that people have no idea what scientists do.
  11. Mojo Jojo
    This post is the stupidest one I've ever seen on izi.
  12. Hello_possum
    Females can be scientists, miners, soldiers etc. A feminist does not say "men can't do anything" all they want is to treated as equal, such as receiving the same pay as a man does in the same job. A woman who says that men can't do anything is a bigot (like the person who made this meme) not a feminist.
  13. Khysiek
    Feminists does not fight for equal rights, but for power.
    As for most of so called equality and anti-racists movements, they want to get guaranteed privilileges for their supporters.

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