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  1. Kaiks
    Breaking bad much?
  2. joop
    FREE MONEY ! ! ! !

    You don't need to do anything.
    That's right, absolutely nothing is required !

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  3. gigantes
    so, just another guy busted for producing a crop that science says is one of the most useful and non-harmful substances in the plant kingdom. way to go, crooked lawmakers and your lobbyist partners- i see you're as predictable as ever, no matter what the country.
  4. ofcourse
    yeah...whf??..ALL governments should grow and give free dope to everyone. No more unemployment and everyone smiling and increasing the productivity in ALL country's...
  5. gigantes
    yea, and all responses to an issue should be to the extreme; no shades of grey permitted because that would involve... you know, rational thought and compromise.
  6. SuckaMC
    That's right.... I do remember you as being quite an opinionated ass. You fit the profile g... Until your next rant......
  7. gigantes
    oh, cool- one of those little barking dogs that follows people around. okay, here's a treat for you, doggie.
  8. mm
    Why everyone thinks that pot is good for you? It causes major problems for cognition and damages nervous system and like every drug, also including alcohol and tobacco (and estrogen pills too!), in the end it causes erection dysfunction to both men and women. Men can't get it up and women become loose. I've tried drugs and even if it was something out of this world, the price you pay is way, way too high. Too bad that most people are totally clueless about dangers of "simple" pot...

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