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  1. yoyo
    it should be free
  2. Million
    Chances are if you live where there's no electricity, you probably don't have $40.00 either
  3. Hylo
    This is just usual misunderstanding of spoiled western mentality. You don’t need a washing machine all, you simply hand wash as your great grandparents did. Washing machine is simply time and work saver. This save neither of that.
  4. SuckaMC
    Um... have you ever washed clothes by hand like your great grandparents? Not so romantic as you might want to think... This is just usual misunderstanding of idealistic "it was better in the old days" hippy mentality.... Your grand parents would have flipped their shit if they got one of these for christmas... Just like you did when you got your first iphone.... ass.
  5. Condition
    They should mop that floor, it looks dirty...
  6. gigantes
    all you need is a tub, bath or large container to do the wash. that and a big stick to stir with and some elbow grease.

    still, this makes it easier- perhaps for elderly and inform folks who have trouble doing it by hand. i see nothing wrong with this invention, although it would be very cool to see a DIY version.
  7. defy neatly
    hahaha, funny. nevertheless, it. should. be. free.
  8. Mr. Ree
    You could also put in all the proper ingredients and make beer.
  9. ALeach
    Nothing is FREE. It may be free to you but someone else first paid for it so you could have something for FREE. For all of you who think it should be free I would like to know where you work so I can come over and pick up some of your product for free. Send me you work address to "peopleonthedole @ gmail dot com"
  10. Peanut
    Good idea.

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