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  1. gigantes
    the thing about corn is- it's a fruit, so you don't actually have to cook it much or at all. merely heating it in its sheath is enough to make it taste good, and there are a variety of ways to do so, as above.
  2. ALeach
    gigantes, If you don't heat it then how do you get the butter to melt?
  3. gigantes
    hah, good point. personally i avoid butter because of the sat fat content. i use a spray-on called "i can't believe it's not butter" with zero cals and low sodium. someone obviously made a deal with the devil, because that stuff tastes awesome...!
  4. jayman419
    Ever look at the label? It's only 0 grams fat if you use 1.25 sprays per serving. If you use ten sprays, it's just under ten calories and just under a gram of fat.

    Say you were to sit down and just drink the whole bottle, it's actually got 900 calories and 90 grams of fat.

    Just read the label and do the math.
  5. ALeach
    I saw a you tube video on this about a year ago and this technique is absolutely the only way to do it from now on.
  6. SuckaMC
    Confirmed.... did it last night... perfect corn. Only problem I had was the squeezing it out of the end.. it was too hot and wouldnt come out......... suddenly I am aware that this all sounds quite gay... but still I just had to husk the shaft... and there was very little hair on it.... maybe it was a young corn.......................... seriously tho.. I could go on and sound more gay.. but then I'd start talking about butter substitutes and "zero cals" ;) ...it works well.. no more boiling for me.

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