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  1. #1
    what a waste of paint
  2. Court
    indeed. why.. just why ?
  3. SuckaMC
    Because it just seems like one of those silly fun family traditions people start up.... or because FUCK YOU... that's why... Either one.
  4. Alive
    ^Yeah, because paint's such a rare resource...
  5. DarkWolf
    I'll say. Why those poor children in Africa and various other struggling third world countries could paint their shit with all that paint.
  6. Dutch Boy
    You all never had family traditions that make no sense, I see...

    The answer is obviously "why not?" No harm in it. Just silly fun to see how long they can keep it going. All those kids growing up will tell stories of hanging out at grandma and grampa so-n-so's house painting THE BALL. And they'll smile. And people will be happy for a few minutes.

    Kinda like you all do coming to click through a wasted 5 or 10 minutes of meaningless and silly blog posts...
  7. gigantes
    i'd rather have made a giant rubber band ball than a giant paint ball. at least with a rubber band ball, you could take it out and have some fun with it.
  8. ed
    cut it in half. the layers would look cool.
  9. ALeach
    Just before #6 they outlawed lead in paint. Nice ball of toxic crap.
  10. iluvhatemail
    #10: She's thinking about murdering him and blaming it on the ball of paint
  11. funny guy
    You know what would be really funny? If so, please tell me.
  12. Curtis E. Flush
    It would be fun to set on fire and then roll it down the hill at some fat girls or cops or negroes or something.

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