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  1. Book__
    #21 It is better if you keep onions in the fridge. A cold onion does not cause tears to your eyes.
  2. LOLMASTER5000
    Mother FUCK - why keep reposting duplicates?

    #13 - Dumb - you are showing your card numbers all the time you wallet is open.
  3. Martial
    If you are so paranoid that every time you open your wallet (how often is that?) you fear that someone might look over your shoulder and franatically write down four or six sixteen-digit numbers to be used to empty your bank account ... Well, then I hope that you one day can come back to tell us that that's how you lost your fortune.

    I do keep an eye on my Mastercard account. But if I will ever see some unknown transaction, I am 110% sure that the cause will be some Internet store leaking my card number, not because someone at the grocery store peeked over my shoulder when I opened my wallet.
  4. LOLMASTER5000
    Why would anyone need to write it down or even peek at it when virtually everyone has a camera phone and the minimum subterfuge skill required to take a picture? Why take the risk?

    Retroactively trying to fix something takes WAY more time and effort than a common sense, passively-preventative attitude. Trust me on that, I am /very/ lazy.
  5. Jokester
    They missed the image that tells you how to make meth out of common house hold products and over the counter pills!
  6. Kitten
    ^^^^^attention PAID....further explanation? economy kinda phrrrrr
  7. Ummm...
    Used power strips will not often work to protect against future power surges. Many of the cheaper ones can only withstand one shock.
  8. h
    please dont use windex on your carpet

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