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  1. j b
    #19 is one of those "proofs" that religious people love to promote.

    Just like that old "Science has proven that bumblebees have to small wing surface to fly - but they do! (Ergo Deus est)" - I heard it again the other day, more than forty years after I first time heard it. (Then, I wasn't aware that the scientific "proof" assumed that the wings were fixed, unmovable. Today, I know that the bumblebee does move its wings.)

    Or, "Your belief that there is no God is a religion, too - it is just that you believe that he does NOT exist". Yeah, just like my favorite hobby is to NOT collect stamps.

    I am sorry to disapppoint you religious guys: I have been VERY close to death (and incidentally, some religious extremists were the cause of it!), and not for a split second did I ever consider your socalled "God", neither as an implement to get me out of the situation nor to take care of what comes after.

    I can manage very well without any afterlife. Actually, I am happy that there is no afterlife, that the end is the end. I am satisfied with that, no matter how the end comes about.
  2. Fenrisulven
  3. SuckaMC
    Everyone is an Agnostic.... Because no matter how hard you try... you can prove nothing.... either way. And if you think you "know" there is, or is not.. you are only making a strong effort to fool yourself. -True Story
  4. r151
    #18 rickrolled... damnit.
  5. A man
    J B > Get over yourself. We do not care about your silly opinions.

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