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  1. LargeBear
    Why is "diversity" only for white countries ?
  2. Peanut
    'Diversity' was shoved off on white countries in order to allow all the third worlders into Western countries. Thanks to all the politically correct white trash, and to the politicians, we are now overrun with people the majority never wanted. They get to pretend they are British, French, Irish, Italian, Canadian, etc, and we get to foot the bill. We are constantly reminded by said politicians, and the media, that 'diversity' is a positive thing even when it has been proven that it isn't. To speak out is to be a racist sot. Well, two middle fingers way up in the air to you.
  3. bearfucker
    What do you mean?
  4. what he means is
    its better to hide the body in potatosacks with a cut-out for the face. but thats its like having a physical barrier instead of a red light a an intersection.
  5. Peanut
    Two middle fingers..flipping you the bird.
  6. Stronger
    That picture of the U.S. is hilarious, none of the schools I went to had a single colored person.
  7. Scarlettautumn
    Lol....they all have miserable faces!!!lmao
  8. Axy
    Colored person? What, is it 1950 again?
  9. thejoker
    why so serious?
  10. Johny
    F4ck you too, peanut! If I ever come across you, I'd castrate you (the medieval way) right then and there.
  11. Peanut
    Awww! Did I hurt your wittle feewings?

    Your threats fall on deaf ears, so castrate away. I doubt very much if you know anything about 'medieval ways'. What you need to understand is not everyone in the world is going to love you or your ilk. You have to accept that. Everyone does.
  12. playmo
    #2 They can keep their hat ?? Education...
    #11 You like my stach ?
    #14 Natural born killers ?
  13. DoCC
    #20 Yemen .... DarthVader living among them ?

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