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  1. Oksana
    Kiefer Sutherland? How come his father is not on the list then?
  2. Undetectable
    love justin bieber,avril lavigne and caarly ray jepsen,they r awesome
  3. gigantes
    many are missing: norm macdonald, margot kidder, matt frewer, michael cera, shannon tweed, dave foley, neve campbell, phil hartman, robert goulet, christopher plummer, tommy chong, meg tilly, leslie nielsen, will sasso, maurice lamarche, john candy, raymond burr, yvonne decarlo, corey haim, anna paquin, alan thicke, etc, etc...
  4. Offspring
    According to Wikipedia Keanu Reeves was born in Lebanon and Brendan Fraser in Indianapolis. And those are the only ones I checked so there could be more.
  5. gigantes
    right, but also from wikipedia... before keanu came to hollywood it appears that he spent more time growing up in canada than anywhere else. so "canadian" is a much better description for him than "lebanese" IMO.

    re: brendan fraser,
    his parents were both canadian and he went to boarding school in canada. most accurate is probably to call him "canadian-american," meaning you could call him both "canadian" and "american" and be right both ways IMO.
  6. Bride
    There is no such thing as canadian-american. If you are born in the united states, you are from the united states, don't try to take another nationality because it's cooler. You americans and your "I'm a quarter irish". That's bullshit!
  7. cnacna
    Ship em all back...
  8. ALeach
    #13 Kiefer Sutherland - Born in London. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000662/
  9. Obstacles
    Canada rules
  10. Johny
    Justin Bieber can suck my dick, now!
  11. gahhn
    Famous Canadians = 40
    Personality = 0
  12. qwed
    Blame Canada
  13. Something
    Ummmm Kiefer Sutherland was born in LONDON...that's in England, his Dad Donald is the Canadian....sheesh
  14. Golden
    nice try canadian!
  15. Peanut
    Kiefer Sutherland was born in England to Canadian parents. He was raised and schooled in Ontario. His grandfather, Tommy Douglas was founder, and leader, of the New Democrat party in Canada.

    cnacna...better Canadians than most of the import trash you've let into your country.
  16. puk
    Canada, she's always been one of our better states. ;)
  17. EdgardoOlaes
    Why not include ALEX TREBEK and JILLIAN REYNOLDS (former Jillian Barberie)? Both of them are very famous in their own rights, Alex is the emcee in the popular game show "JEOPARDY", and Jill is the weather caster and one of the anchors in FOXla Morning News.

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