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  1. Groom
    Yeii for evolution!
  2. Question
    Can he stand on lettuce bins ?
  3. uolter
    the leash makes a sad impression...
  4. rod
    pretty sure that is just a little black guy that needs to shave.
    Amazing, its like having a little pet nigger slave. Can it cut tobacco plants?
  6. different
    racism is still alive 2012.. this planets is full of sucks..yep horrible examples of humans you are
  7. LOLMASTER5000
    Most people just act rotten for attention. These people are essentially all sad, lonely and unloved people who have achieved, or will nothing in their insignificant little lives.

    Cool post though! Where are all the intermediate species? Shouldn't we be literally falling over the 100k-individuals-per-evolutionary-step remains?!
  8. gigantes
    cutting right past your random babble and going right to your nonsensical questions-- yes, we're discovering intermediate species all the time. don't you read the news? the human evolutionary tree is vastly more filled out today than it was even a couple decades ago. not to mention, the more that wild apes are studied, the more individuals are found among them that are smarter than the average human across a range of tests. so look it up, do the research, gain a clue, broaden your horizon- the choice is between you and reality. however limited and small-minded your conception of reality as it may be.
  9. LOLMASTER5000
    Random babble? I was responding to the poster above me - see the indent? It's a reply...

    Next, a rant at you personally - why deem my questions nonsensical? Do you realise how ignorant and rude that makes you come off? Educational establishments are full of "lecturers" and "teachers" that share this closed-minded "I think I know everything about everything, therefore you are an idiot, since you do not". This is the primary reason that students do not ask questions: fear of being ridiculed for not already knowing something. *sigh*

    Back to the topic in hand now - Yes, individuals within groups can be smarter than their immediate peers, granted, but, as per my original question- where are all the _intermediates_. There are a few found now and then of course but shouldn't there be masses and masses of them?

    Lastly - why assume that I don't watch/read the news and why assume I'm closed minded - you don't know me. I am actually quite philosophical and very open-minded. Can't you answer a question or comment objectively? FYI - I don't watch the news because it's always bad news about people dying, military agenda and political lies.
  10. gigantes
    my apologies, lolmaster. it was a friday night, i was a bit buzzed, and i lumped you in to a group that you may not belong to in reality. sorry for the unnecessary put-downs. and yes, i acted like a jackass and you chose to take the high road- we can be very clear on that. so allow me to try again:

    re: intermediates,
    what i'm not sure you understand is that every species and species-remnant is an intermediate stage. there is no such thing as a "final form" in evolutionary history because change never ends. i just want to be clear about that. anyway, what species is it in particular that you find strangely undocumented in the tree of life?
  11. LOLMASTER5000
    Water under the bridge.

    You raise a good point about there being no such thing as "final form". I guess I just find it so strange that we are just /so/ different from anything else that is around (and I do mean that in the nicest possible way; the great apes are -magnificent- creatures in their own right).
  12. gigantes
    after seeing that, i'm not sure how much difference there is between one ape who uses tools he didn't invent and billions of other hairless apes who use tools that they didn't invent.
  13. Complete
    its gordon ramsey
  14. Mr. Ree
    All you need to do is put a basketball jersey on him along with a baseball hat (sideways, of course), drop him off in any inner city and he'll blend right in.
  15. mali22
    he's got huge arms
  16. Mr. Ree
    I just found his listing on ApeDate:

    Hi, I'm 5'6", 225 pounds and in decent shape. Black hair, brown eyes. I like long walks in the woods, camping and cuddling by a campfire.
    I'm looking for a similar looking female who likes the same things and wouldn't mind me cannibalizing her children.

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