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  1. ptpie
    #44 is a no no shame on you
  2. jpegger
    #31--I love when people plaster Monster crap everywhere--it lets me know which idiots to avoid.
  3. Catshark
    Yeah #31, you are so independent that you devoted your face to a brand of drink that will cease to exist in a few years and you will be really, really sorry.
  4. User201
    #31 "I don't wanna live on this planet anymore"
    It's like WTF ??? Really ? Ok, cool. so, and ? What suppose I do with a guy like him ? Is he standing for something? Or ... I have no clue why but I am kinda allergic to idiots. And when I see one of face tattooed people, I know, I just met one of the Idiots. I can't get the "rebel" thing or the "message". What's the point? Ok, people look down on you. What did you prove ? That people judge on look too? yes We all do. And you just out of the circle. Lol...

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