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  1. jpegger
    Derp! I can can nailz munny to da ground! I r teh hilarioos!
  2. Jersey Petey
    My neighbor built new cement front steps when I was a kid. He set a US nickel coin in the wet cement's top step. Big joke. The neighborhood kids dug it out two days later. Ha ha. I like this gag, though. Very up-to-date!
  3. Mr. Ree
    Here is a fun thing to do...

    Hold a US quarter with a pair of pliers and heat it up really hot with a small propane torch. When no one is looking, flip the coin onto a sidewalk and laugh you ass off as people try to pick it up and ....ssssssssssssss...burn the fuck out of their fingers!!!

  4. Curtis E. Flush
    What was the old way? And why not just use some Gorilla glue or something. Save yourself a lot of time and trouble.

    A better prank is to put pieces of dried pineapple in little baggies and leave them on the sidewalk in shitty neighborhoods. Crackheads will go ape-shit and think they won the lottery.

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