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  1. Mr. Ree
    Horny chinks in action! Me love you long time!
  2. Ree is a douche
    What if your mom or sister were caught in a situation like that? I don't believe you would ever have a wife in that situation, since even the dumbest woman in the world would be smart enough never to marry you.
  3. Forbidden
    What the fuck is wrong with you? Dipshit..
  4. Action
    Never ever play near asian duds.... They are just damn horny
  5. WTF??? what kind of mind do you have??? dont be so narrow minded man, dont generalize all asians, even whites are damn fuckin horny dude, AIDS started because of the whites
  6. orendadude
    This is what happens when government controls breeding and female fetuses are aborted. They all want son's. So men out number women 100 to 1. China is one seriously fucked up place.
  7. CptObvious                    show commment
  8. Cancamuso
    I live in China. What he is saying is not 100 to 1. But it is 2 to 1.

    Richmen and foreigners get to choose first. Sad but true.

    And don't forget. Maybe in the ghettos of American cities you can find 100 together. Here in China if the things get out of control you get 20000 and dead people.

    One day I put one funny video of a dog in the most famous Chinese social network (renren) and after one week 500000 people shared it.

    China is, indeed, one seriously fucked up place.
  9. koowilliams
    u are from china? yeah right... u can write anything
  10. Barely
    The fact that he/she writes better than you doesn't make it untrue, just very ironic.
  11. Following
    Yeah they do this in the ghettos of American cities whenever there's a large crowd. It's gang mentality. Human turn back into animals without control and tend to do it more with lack of wealth and education.
  12. Yellow Flower
    Hahah !! Being raped by a thousend asian microdicks !!! Are you inside me now ?
  13. Sigh
    Culture enters into it as well. If you've never learned that some things are wrong and shouldn't be done, you'll tend to do them when you think you can get away with it.
  14. mollyhubbard
    makes me feel sick that people would even do this
  15. There are
    a lot of ignorance, racist Americans in this site...who would find every opportunity to harass and comment on other people's cultures. I thought American are civilized people, that bring " peace" and " love" to other nations ?
  16. PedroPT
    American or North American ? I assume you meant Northe Americans ... but what makes you think that North Americans are civilized?
    Bastards, I am 6.3 feet and lift. I would crush these pissants with my nutsack and get all the bitches jumping on my fat 7 inch white penis.
  18. Scarlett Johansson
    Where is the guy that apologized to the idiot Ree a few days ago now?
  19. MC
    Something like this actually happened in Central Park in New York city a while ago.

    No shocking pics, here, just shockingly stupid comments.

    Thanks to CptObvious and a few others for letting me retain some respect for humanity!

  20. ...
    If you came to a "water festival", at least anticipate that you'll get wet and wear a bathing suit. If you wear a light coloured top with only a bra underneath, then of course, your underwear will be showing. Rapists exist in all countries, and China is no different. This can happen to anyone, so I'm just asking for people to be careful when going into crowded places and take measures to protect yourself. Things like wearing appropriate attire and not losing sight of your friends are just the basics.
  21. NgocTrinh
    f*** china
  22. lol that's ridiculous. maniac chinese people
  23. j.foxnougat
    It's China nothing new
  24. lovequto
    this chinese people just ruined ther traditional water festival and watsoever... ther own TRADITION so pitty :P
  25. If you see a Chinese in the US scare them back to their filthy country.
  26. iCJA47
    I am an asian We do that water splashing on festivals here in the philippines.. we splash every public transpo that come along. but we dont do that to women. We have respect for girls.. notlike in china as you can see... they dont have respect

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