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  1. uh uh
    Nice show of talent..
    I have to say that this:"It's not necessary to take classes, everyone can learn to draw portraits by themselves by just a little bit of practice and lots of patience.” isn't exactly true though..

    I could never learn to draw this well..
  2. Jelyyfish
    I was waiting for him to become good...
  3. jellyfish
    That is good enough dude what else do you expect
  4. Action
    Someday you'll make a fine sidewalk artist!
  5. User201
    Well done ! hats off !
    anybody complains, try better.
  6. Beautiful
    This guy has an obvious talent that cannot be taught or learned in a class. But to say anyone can do this with practice and patience is not true
  7. Wiebe

    I'm not a professional portrait artist. I just thought it would be nice to show the progress someone can make by practicing and motivate people to try it for themselves. I also wanted to show the speed drawing video of John Lennon because I thought it would be interesting for visitors to see.

    I know there are people who can draw portraits much better than I can. I only can dream to achieve the skills they have. But I honestly think I deserve a little bit better than the crappy comment you gave me.
  8. JustSayin
    That artist would be amazed at how much they would improve with classes. Trust me..went to a prestigious private art school. These are good for no classes, but, 6 years with only that level of improvement? Obvious self taught is obvious.
  9. Wiebe
    I know I can learn much more by taking classes. But I wanted to show what you can achieve by just practicing and no classes. Maybe I'm going to take some classes in the future. ;)

    The 6 years time period isn't relevant here I think. I only did 183 hours of drawing. If I had the time I could do that in 2 months so to speak. ;)

    But thank you for your comment!
  10. Cancamuso
    I like Harry Potter
  11. xzero

    you're talented actually. yes you could say anyone can draw, but not this good. and to think it's self taught.. i'm a painting major and i have classmates that is still not good even after graduating ;)

    anywho, since you now know the technique of creating a face, why not practicing drawing the whole body to expand your skills? it's much more fun actually!
  12. Push
    Like sports or singing or math... ya can either be great or ya sorta average. I can draw. Can't do math for shite. That's about it. We're not all superheroes.
  13. gigantes
    speaking as an artist-- you can impress the people and have no real talent, and that's fine. you can also do completely brilliant stuff and have people completely ignore you and miss the point. both situations are not only common, but to be expected.

    99.9% of the time, people's opinions on your work are irrelevant. unless the 'right' people happen to be impressed. mainly it comes down to two things- is it making you happy? and is it making you money?
  14. Peanut
    A gifted artist.

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