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  1. Tayyar
    looks like they need to find a better way building bridges unless they are not doing it as a part of their population planning strategy ")
  2. Cancamuso
    2 Problems here.

    1.-Once they get the contract, the constructor begin to low the cost by using low quality materials.

    If it gets to the media, then the responsible will end fleeing to the USA with the money he "saved" or he will get one in the head.

    2.-Chinese truck drivers are stupid beyond limits. They drive these monsters without checking the maximum load (sorry, English is not my mother language).

    Last one I know from the Chinese news has to pay a fee of 50 million RMB (a guy with probably a 3000 or 4000 RMB salary).
  3. Intact
    And peopl;e wonder why Union construction in US is expensive. This like never ever happens compared to the millions of miles of roads and bridges in the US.
  4. oddbal
    The reason union construction is so expensive is because 1 man works while 20 stand around him.
  5. life
    Building bridges like that is like building a man/woman relationship too fast. This happens while thinking with your dick. The chinese must therefore only think with their dicks. hmmm.
  6. Delicious
    People accuse China of copying or out right stealing.
    I think that another nation would give you a copy of the Civil Engineering Code. Absolutely no need to re-learn the blood lessons that were learned within
  7. gigantes
    except when quick profit is involved, delicious.

    in china, the primary concern is the making of money while avoiding of potential blame. not that we're any better- our primary concern is to have the chinese produce it in order to enjoy low prices and a high standard of living. but as people, in the USA and china, we're both total idiots by any intelligent measure.
  8. LOLMASTER5000
    Dishonourable capitalists
  9. NgocTrinh
    china's too dangerous

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