That’s Why Jackie Chan’s Facebook Page Rocks (31 pics)

The famous Chinese actor never stops to amuse his fans via social media…


He likes to share photos of his hairstyles.

Jackie really loves pandas.

Animals of all kinds, really.

But he has a special spot for his two golden retrievers, JJ and Jones.

He's very brave.

Jackie also likes to share fun facts about himself.

Like how he's been friends with Kenny G for years,

how he sleeps,

and how he likes to go fast.

Jackie enjoys his food.

Also, grilling it.

Sometimes Jackie ponders some heavy questions on his Facebook page.

But most of the time, he's just plain silly.


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  1. Devoted
    What a cool dude, wish I could meet him someday.
  2. koowilliams
    while jacky is busy being jacky, some cock sucking asshole gonna make nasty racial comment about this. becoz assholes can't do shit other than making shitty comments about someone who's awesome...
  3. Mr. Ree
    Yep, Jackie is awesome and koowilliams likes to suck the cocks of homeless black guys and let's horny dogs fuck his very loose asshole.

    Is that racist enough for you, faggot?
  4. bagio stanprie
    Mr. Ree must be the best american asshole for 7 years straight.
  5. Trained
    awesome jackie is awesome
  6. Milky
    gotta love this guy =3
  7. Astaroth
    He's amazing.
  8. samthesham
    Whenever I see this: <3, I always think of a nut sack.
  9. darkyss
    Smile In The Life Is gorgeous!! Jackie Chan Make Me Smile!!
  10. LOLMASTER5000
    Very fun guy who loves life

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