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  1. Mr. Ree
    What is #1 - a tackle box for faggots?
  2. nameless
    ..........or makeup box for little girls. just like you ^^^^^
  3. Mr. Ree
    I love little girls
  4. nameless
    *calls chris hansen * .......................
  5. kool
    'cause remember better times, its like travel in time.
  6. enteryourname
    #29 the dog family looks like family guy

    and the simpsons lol
  7. Sarkazmo
    #55 Heathers! That's one twisted, awesome film.
  8. wonder
    I have a question... people who grew up in the 90's now say "nothing best than growing up in the 90's", people who grew up in the 80's will say "nothing best than growing up in the 80's", and so on. How about teens who are growing up in the first decade of this century, and kids that are growing up now? if they spent all the time closed at home playing alone with video games because there are no more toys, if every good movie is a sequel or an old book adaptation, if on television there's nothing capable of getting memorable in the future, if every kid follows the same trend for clothes, music, idols, way of speach, and so on... no creativity at all..., if they go to places and they spend the time "inside" their cellphone... man... I just... can't carry on... this is getting way to scary....
  9. lordfly
    #17 is not a memory, I just bought a couple of those last week from a co-worker.
    #27 I have this at home in perfect condition. I want them gone but my wife refuses.
    #47 and #48 I had these and completely forgot.

    80s was the transition phase of consumer technology. We grew up without them, but graduated into them. We know what it was like.

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