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  1. Stage
    If you are not a fitness dude, the last thing you want is a fitness chick. They're obsessed. They don't get that way from making good sandwiches...
  2. jubyp0b
    Some of these have gone too far. A bit of fat is always nice to feel when you squeeze. A few of them look nice, but..meh.
  3. jpegger
    Yeah--maybe check for extra appendages on one or two.
  4. wat
    i personally think girls with six packs and muscles are gross. i associate strength and brawn with dudes not chicks. I honestly feel guys how are into that are closet gay. In my opinion 49 is just how i want my fitness girl, lean and fit but no muscles.
  5. Mr. Ree
    Tits are mostly fat so when you see a girl that has a real tight and toned body with huge tits, there's a 99% chance they are implants. If you like fake tits, that's great but there's a balance between being feminine and fit and being muscular and masculine looking with big tits. Some of these girls are straying over the line.
  6. woww
    buuuuuuuuut girls overweighted seems to habe big boogs so, if they were fat before, then they got in shape the tits would stay big, or not that big but reasonable boobs.
  7. FK12341
    Some of these are very off-putting to my cock.

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