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  1. YouQuackMeUp
    #26 A duck walks into a store and says, "Give me some Chapstick."
    The clerk says, "How are you going to pay for that?"
    "Oh, just put it on my bill."
  2. ChrisR
    #26 Female douchebags.
  3. Mr. Ree
    #26 - hot, very fuckable, and most of all - WILLING!

    #51 - if she sat on his face, she'd be guilty of murder!
  4. Rivas
    #32 enjoy bitches, this won't last and I hope young morons lilke you will make fun of you when you'll be old and fugly.
  5. Krull777
    #4 I used to work for Godfather's Pizza. Customers request strange things.
    #6 Water running...level Jesus
    #10 Epi-Pen anyone?
    #26 The world needs love
  6. loomy
    #52 - what is this about? on deviantart it says "beiber fans tormenting doublebass player".. but how, why? i dont get this
  7. jubyp0b
    As you can tell by their signs & age, the girls are waiting for Bieber or seeing him at that very moment. Something like that. Anybieberwhore, moving on, during that wait, they were probably loud, due to age and anxiety and lack of proper education.

    Being loud, obnoxious and disrespectful, they tormented the bass player, thus you see him holding his ears, wishing for Zeus to exist and toss and snipe those motherfuckers down.

    Fair enough?
  8. jpegger
    #33 I'd be all like "Who replaced my sweet ass Android phone with this limited piece of shit?"
  9. mr ripley
    #35 #49: 30 years from now a child will ask his dad: so father how did you contribute in the age of the tech boom? "I put horse heads and dressed like star wars bcz being a meme loser was cool"
  10. ALeach
    #42 Kat Dennings, the new tit girl, I mean it girl.

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