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  1. AMemoriam
    I don't even want it on my driveway. Well, maybe that's a bit harsh. But it's body is out of proportions. The front is way too short, it's like it drove into a wall. The curves are way overdone. Mirrors look like teardrops.
  2. jubyp0b
    Aaaand this is a super-car, not a luxury car. ._.
  3. Rockblocker
    My dick is bigger than my wallet, so no tnx.
  4. buttman
    What is that in the seats ?
  5. abarnes77
    butt plug so you can hold on tight when clenching your ass when you accelerate!

    i thought it was buckle for custom 5 point harness, although this model has regular seat belts. then i googled it: its for height adjustment.
  6. Fenrisulven
    Where is the luxury? Such cars are not really pleasant to sit in or drive. Suspension is too stiff and the seats are hard...
  7. Johny
    You're not going to be able to afford one your entire life anyway, so why bother yappin'?
  8. orendadude
    From the front it looks like a seagull on steroids. It will be a perfect car for a super rich, ultra gay rump ranger. By all the fag designs in it, I assume that is the market they are after.
  9. Mr. Ree
    Does it come in Teal? What sort of gas mileage does it get or is this a hybrid? A sensitive environmentalist like myself wants to drive a socially responsible car!
  10. SuckaMC
    I am embarrassed of you all... were none of you ever 8?? THIS is a SUPERCAR..... they are suppose to be kinda bonkers... I mean that interior alone is just NUTS!... and you can only have something like that in a car that can hit 0-60 in 3 sec in a V12 with over 700 hp.... shit... if this car DIDNT look a little crazy it would be a shame....

    Remember the Lambo Countach??!! Yup... little kids are puttin pictures of THIS on their wall now...

    Granted.. It's not my favorite body on a super car... but you GOTTA give em some credit for that interior.... that shifter alone is a work of art...
  11. Mr. Ree
    @suckamc - good point...
  12. oddbal
    Who wants art in a supercar... i would rather have function. The interior looks like hammered sh!t.
  13. Johny
    @oddbal - Shut the fuck up! The ultra super duper knitting site is this way -------------------------------------------------->

    Filthy Sheiks! I'm going to steal one from you, soon.

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