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  1. orendadude
    I...I...I fuck it. This is too much for words. Walmart has pictures of Taylor Swift on display? I'm never going back!
  2. CheyFire
    #11 Why is it there are 2 issues consistent with fat people. 1) they want to wear stuff too tight, too low, and too short and 2) they think people want to look at them as they look like a stuffed sausage with cellulite.

    # 37 shes stealing pumpkins!!!

    # 45 come on honey boo boo, we can't stay here all day!
  3. Mr. Ree
    Walmart advertises to the lowest common denominator in the USA and they have been very successful with that. Unfortunately, the lowest common denominator is stupid, fat and lazy and it ain't get any better, folks!
  4. lordfly911
    You should probably credit www.peopleofwalmart.com and all of their loyal followers for these wonderful photos.

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