Honey, It’s Time to Take the Lion for A Walk! (34 pics)



Annel Snyman, a guesthouse owner in the Waterberg region of South Africa, adopted this young lion cub 8 months ago. Fondly called, “Timba”, the lion not only lives on Annel’s farm, but also sleeps in her bed and cuddles on the couch with her and any house guests present! With a passion for wild animals, Annel applied to the Department of Nature Conservation for a permit to keep and raise them on her farm and since 2009 has hand-reared a cheetah cub, five lions, a white lion, a leopard and six Serval kittens (a medium-sized African wild cat).



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  1. Mr. Ree
    I foresee a horrible ending to this fantasy story...
  2. jpegger
    Agreed--they are majestically beautiful animals, but will eventually see their keepers as food/
  3. gigantes
    well-fed animals, especially hand-reared animals, don't tend to see their keepers as food inevitably. the real problem is that a brief moment of temper or an outright accident is enough to leave the woman mauled and broken.

    i hope for her sake that she spends a lot of time filing their claws smooth.
  4. SuckaMC
    I wonder if her house smells of cat piss like most crazy cat ladies...

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