Care to Take a Walk in the Clouds? (15 pics)



Tomás Saraceno is an artist trained as an architect and creates airborne environments that explore the idea of alternative ways of living. His installation, “On Space Time Foam” can be found in Milan, Italy and is a habitat of membranes suspended 24 meters above ground.


Each level has a different climate and pressure and visitors are encouraged to walk along the levels and experience the artwork in this way. This particular exhibit is intended to be recreated as a floating land above the Maldives Islands that is complete with solar panels and desalinated water that makes it more habitable.


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  1. Mr. Ree
    I'm going to take a wild guess and assume that high heels are not allowed which is a shame since I'd like to experience this and I just bought some spike heels at Saks that I've been dying to wear!

  2. oddbal
    The first person that falls through gets a prize!
  3. julmar20
    lo puto aflorandole....

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