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  1. User201
    #26 Mmmm
  2. Mr. Ree
    These girls are certainly pretty but most of the women in the threads (like: hotties wearing glasses, hotties in yoga pants, etc., etc.) are much prettier.
  3. Gallinazo
    Mr. Ree, I understand your naive comment is owed to your lack of experience with women. Really good looking girls NEVER participate in beauty contests (it's a psychological thing about self confidence and fear of rejection). So you silly kid still believe Miss Universe is the prettiest woman on the planet? I think what was suppossed to be your brain ran down your mom's leg.
  4. Mr. Ree
    @gallinazo - Wow, that certainly is a different message than the one you sent to me through the izzy message system. You sent:

    "Mr. Ree, please let me put on my thong bikini and be your beauty queen! xxoo Gallinazo"

  5. Gallinazo
    What is most disturbing is that you sound dissappointed. You really expected such thing? That's naive and GAY.
  6. sidou
    it seems that they picked up the ugliest cute girl from every corner of this planet to put in this contest !! a part from the italian beauty ^^ wooow
  7. ptpie
    #14 is the only cameltoe I seen cool pics IZI
  8. JasonSpine
    #20 looks almost like Selena Gomez :)
  9. cunt
    #13 No
  10. AMemoriam
    None. They're not even pretty.
  11. Peanut
    Is it just my imagination, or is Gallinazo love struck? Are we watching a romance blossom?

    As for the post, except for Miss Italy, most of these women are less than pretty. And what's up with ms Belgium? She isn't Belgian.

    Some of these countries are the most destructive of the planet, with huge amounts of pollution, overpopulation and deforestation. None of their women should be up for 'Miss Earth'.
  12. Gallinazo
    The only thing that's going to blossom is your sphincter if you don't STFU. So, tell us how a poor nobody met Miss Belgium? cause you know her so well you even know where she was born. I got news for you: Belgium is no longer under the Third Reich control, so non-aryans are not an endangered species in that country anymore.

    And by the way...were you named after your dissappointed parents saw yor dick?
  13. PoPo
  14. Rockblocker
    Posts like these make me glad I wasn't born woman. To pursue glory through my physical appearance while molding my brain into a slime of ignorance and intellectual feces isn't my cup of anything.

    Be pretty, be fit, be smart, funny and real. Wow, who the fuck cares you're the most beautiful girl on the planet when you don't have an opinion on anything other than shoe colors and your naive understanding of the world.
  15. Belindellase
    Latino charm is always the best.
  16. Bella
    The 6th lady. She is the mot beautiful, I think.

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