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  1. PCSinWV
    #13 Doctors mistakes kill more people each year in the USA than all guns combined. Time to ban doctors?

    #77 The USA. Keeping Europe safe from oppression through two world wars. You're welcome.
  2. MrTroll
    The United States has been at war for almost just as long as it has been a country and will always be at war as long as there are wars fought somewhere in the world, its just one more way of making money.
  3. Cavalary
    So what about #29 ?

    As for #13 try comparing to the number who died as a result of unhealthy food, polluted air, traffic accidents, smoking, unavailable or unsuitable medical attention...
    (Nope, not from the US. Nope, don't have a gun and never even touched one. But this really pisses me off. Those responsible are people, namely those who do it if they're at least passably capable of controlling their actions or those who failed to lock them away in time if the killers are really far gone, not inanimate objects. A gun is a tool, no more and no less.)
  4. Fenrisulven
    But if you have guns easily available, it's very easy to use them. Of course, culture matters too.
  5. Alwayzwatchin
    If you have hands easily available to use those guns - - - wait - you prolly have!! - ban hands!!!!!!!
  6. bertha_2_2
    #29 Johnson - Holder
  7. FurFur
    #13 So in 2006 there was still a West Germany? Obviously guns are not the only problem in the United States
  8. rog796
    of the 10,728 How many were criminals killed by law abiding citizens?
  9. Fenrisulven
    #9 Not the same plane (different number on the tail)
  10. Strummer
    #12 The world will be a far better place when all cigarette smokers are dead. Stupid people slowly committing suicide and stinking up the place at the same time.
  11. Johny
    That's why a place called "Smoking Area" exists, Strummer.

    Not everyone is an uncivilized twat, if you're smart enough to realize that.
  12. TheOculists
    Of course none of the hipster trolls want to admit that 90% of those people shot were gangsters with criminal records shot by other gangsters with criminal records, all of whom were banned from firearms possession by federal and state law. FBI crime stats are easy to check, but oh so damaging to your fantastic world-views, so you won't bother.

    If any of you infantile d-bags were serious about driving down murders with firearms, you'd be advocating the repeal of recreational drug prohibition. The same shit happened during alcohol prohibition, numbnutz.

    Enjoy ignorance and failure. You'll have an abundance in your lives, hipsters.

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