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  1. Mr. Ree
    I'd like to take them both on in a match. I'd start with Camel Clutch and Double Grab, spin around and do a double body slam. I'd then grab one of them and do a back door slam with a crossface blast to her sister. That would lead into a double motorboat, full tongue suplex, and the match would end with a full pump rocket launcher gasper.
    They wouldn't stand a chance and would probably start calling me for a rematch every weekend.
  2. sidou
    what about galinazo ?! hhhhhhhhhhhh
  3. gigantes
    @mr. ree,
    methinks that was the post of the year on izi. bwahaha
  4. r151
    They look permanently stoned.
    ...and hot.
  5. JohnKonrad
    If I do a killing spree at school, I will not kill these two chicks...
  6. TheOculists
    Took a few weeks off from browsing this site. Sure enough, Mr. Ree is still attached to the comments like a barnacle on a garbage scow. You are clearly the emperor of izismile, champ. Congratulations! It makes everyone proud to see you've made such a huge contribution to humanity.

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