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  1. izabeladarraj
    best dad ever !
  2. thalooka
    wonder how the kid gonna explain him when he gets bored about pushing buttons :P
  3. gigantes
    great start, but it's really crying out for the buttons to be lit up and some sounds to play when the buttons are pushed. some simple string lighting, an old computer, and some kind of off-the-shelf input interface would probably do the trick. less than $100, i would think, and not very complicated.
  4. McReval
    Imagination is more than enough for that thing. You don't need a visual or audio output to be immersed. It's especially easy for the kids. Cause they don't fear that they might look stupid or funny as teenagers or adults do
  5. gigantes
    you're right... up to a point. beyond lies the landslide of all the hi-tech stuff competing for kids' attention these days. imagination will get you pretty far, but the fact is we live in the age of distraction. i wish it wasn't so, but most kids today will get bored with that thing pretty quick IMO.
  6. User201
    Kids never get bored with that.

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