Did It Ever Happen to You When… Part 22 (19 gifs)



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How you feel when someone admits you are right:

When your doorbell rings and you weren’t expecting anyone:

When someone makes a joke at your expense:

When you can’t get that annoying Christmas song out of your head:

When you drop your new phone for the first time:

When someone sits in the seat you always sit in:

When your phone rings early in the morning and you get up to answer it:

When you tried alcohol for the first time:

When you open a Christmas card and money falls out:

When music starts auto-playing on a website:

When someone asks if you farted:

When someone else reaches for the last slice of pizza:

When a website tells you you’re already a registered member:

When your ex wants to get back together:

When you delete one “ha” from your “hahahahaha” because you think it’s too much:

When you’re running late for work:

When you’ve been online for hours and your Internet connection fails:

When you get a million Facebook updates on your birthday:

When you get an email saying the gift you ordered online won’t arrive until after Christmas:


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  1. rog796
    #10 Just like the popup adds on this site,

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